Premise and Rental

We have a lot of experience in preparing and hosting receptions, banquets, conferences, presentations, wedding and family celebrations on a small or large scale. Not only the diverse premises of our house, their ambience and charm, guarantee the success of your events, but also the efficiency of our service and kitchen team. Table culture and the willingness to serve the guest take a high priority in our house.

Ground Level

Standing Reception Banquet Lecture Conferences
Hall 100 - 80 -
Winter Garden/Dining Hall 100 90 - -
Frankfurt Room 20 16 - -
Library - 14 - -
Restaurant 80 40 - -
Ground Level Total 300 160 - -

First Floor

Standing Reception Banquet Lecture Conferences
Lecture Hall 100 50 100 40
Green Salon 40 20 30 20
Blue Salon 20 16 - -
Presidium 15 12 - 12


Whether it's a standing reception for 100 guests or a cocktail before lunch: the Great Hall with its fireplace, small bar, groups of armchairs and wooden panelling creates a pleasantly private atmosph...


Dining Hall with Winter Garden and Terrace

The dining room adjoining the hall on the ground floor is an outstanding example of Frankfurt carpentry. Magnificent oak panelling and elaborate stucco ornaments create a noble ambience. The dining ...


Frankfurt Room

The yellow and white Frankfurter Room offers space for up to 16 guests and can also be connected to the dining room through its large double doors....


The Library

The library adjoining the restaurant offers space for up to 14 people...



The restaurant can justifiably be described as a gem of bourgeois home decor. Hand-printed wallpaper based on old designs, fine decorative paintings, selected paintings and wall-high mirrors create a ...


Lecture Hall

The diversity of our rooms in terms of equipment and size allows us to structure each event clearly. After the reception in the large hall, guests can be directed to the lecture hall on the upper floo...


Green Salon

The Green Salon is suitable for private parties in a small circle as well as for standing buffets after events in the lecture hall - in summer, the terrace can also be used....


Blue Salon

If you prefer the Blue Salon you can enjoy an elegant ambience for conversations or meals in a circle of up to eight people. elegant ambience....



The meetings of the Presidium and the Society's committees are held in the room of the same name. The Presidium table, which dominates the room, served as the office table of the Mayor of Frankfurt i...