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Mission Statement

The "Frankfurter Gesellschaft für Handel, Industrie und Wissenschaft e.V. - Casino-Gesellschaft von 1802 -'', founded in 1919, whose intellectual roots go back to the Casino-Gesellschaft of 1802, is an association of domestic and foreign personalities from all walks of life, irrespective of their origin, religion and political location, for whom involvement in the affairs of the community, especially in talks, lectures and discussions, is a special concern. It is welcomed when members become personally involved in community affairs. In individual cases, the Society itself may also be active externally in this sense. The essential basis for the Society and its members is the freedom of thought and opinion within the free democratic basic order of the Basic Law, as well as respect for the person and the opinion of others in dealings with each other. On this basis, the society sees itself as cosmopolitan, pluralistic and tolerant.



Prof. Dr. Jürgen Götz (President) Werner von Bergen (Deputy President) Prof. Dr. Andreas Hackethal (Deputy President) Herbert H. Grüntker (Treasurer) Dr. Thomas Bücker (Secretary) Dr. Constantin M. Lachner Ralf Landmann Dr. Christoff Riess Kirsten Schoder-Steinmüller


Uwe Hamann (Managing Director) Martina Galdeano (Office) Tel.: 069 - 72 65 79 Fax: 069 - 97 20 62 33